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Southern Carolina Conference

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by 1down22go, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. 1down22go

    1down22go Full Access Member

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    Jan 7, 2010
    What are the thoughts on this conference this upcoming season?

    Lots of big time players have graduated and there will be plenty of spaces for new names to make a splash on the scene.

    Marvin Ridge- Will be very tuff to beat this year
    Needs to replace Chadwick (solid at the plate/ 3rd/ and mound)
    Not sure but I think most of their starters are returning. This will be a Senior heavy team.

    Sun Valley- Should be poised to make a run at the conference championship
    Needs to replace Smith (2b and one of the tuffest outs for 4 years)
    Watts and Palmer will be looked to lead a big group of Senior's as well

    Weddington- Will be a strong team again this year
    While a large group of Seniors are gone now, but they return a very solid nucleus. Schellhorn, Bostic, Collins, and Calabretta look to pick back up where they left off.

    Not sure about some of the other teams.

    With just a little over a month before the season starts, what your thoughts on the Conference? Who are the players to watch? Who are the new players that look to make an impact? Predictions for the conference?
  2. wideout6

    wideout6 Full Access Member

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    Feb 24, 2009
    You have to believe Weddington and Marvin Ridge are the top dogs. Both are loaded with arms. Both have quality bats and are solid defensively. Wotell and Kuchmaner for MR, and Bostic and Collins for Weddington will be tough to beat. Sun Valley will be dangerous as well with Tapp and Watts returning on the mound, and a couple young guys that could be impact players early. Porter Ridge is an unknown, having lost most of their top players from a year ago, but do add a stud catcher that transferred from Myers Park. Parkwood should be improved, but probably a spoiler more than a factor, and anytime you play Anson, it's just weird.
    Predicted standings:

    1) Weddington (king until someone knocks them out)
    2) Marvin Ridge (expect a huge battle for the top)
    3) Sun Valley (dangerous and could challenge for the title)
    4) Parkwood (scrappy, could play a key role in spoiler mode)
    5) Porter Ridge (do not return any key arms, but who knows)
    6) Anson (playing at their place is like being in the Bermuda Triangle; anything can happen)
  3. PirateBaseball

    PirateBaseball Junior Member

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    Feb 22, 2013
    The Prates return a decent core group with Sullivan, Fernandez, Edwards, Evans and Robbins. They've also added Blalock and Shuford, but they are thin on the bump.

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