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70MPH Hack Attack 3 Wheel Pitching Machine $699

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by 10thousandhours, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. 10thousandhours

    10thousandhours Junior Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 1, 2020
    Gym still closed? Can´t train? Losing reps? Why not bring the reps to you? No matter if you need to get in squat reps, sprints or jumpshots we have you covered.

    Junior Hack Attack 3 Wheel Baseball Throwing Machine
    Throws fastballs 35 - 70 MPH from 60' (at 45 ft. it simulates 90+ MPH)
    Release point is 42″ H, fitting standard L-shaped screens with extended legs only
    Supply is limited to 10 units per week, (Limit 2 per customer)

    700lb to 1500lb max load Olympic Barbells
    $99 - $249
    9 color combinations available

    CMR Rack Pack 700
    (1) CMR 90 Power Rack (Rated for 700lb)
    (1) Rep Out Olympic Barbell (700lb)
    (1) HH Adjustable Bench
    (4): 45lb Rep Out Bumper Plates (Solid colors only)

    CMR Rack Pack 1500
    (1) CMR MTM Rack (Rated for 1500lb)
    (1) Rep Out Olympic Barbell (1200lb)
    (1) HH Adjustable Bench
    (4): 45lb Rep Out Bumper Plates (Solid colors only)
    (2) OKPRO 50LB Power Bands

    CMR Rep Out 460/460 Pack
    (4) 45 pound bumper plates
    (4) 35 pound bumper plates
    (4) 25 pound bumper plates
    (4) 10 pound bumper plates
    460 pounds total

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