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LBlues 1
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Jul 18, 2019
Jul 31, 2003
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LBlues 1

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Jul 18, 2019
    1. LBlues 1
      LBlues 1
      I understand the support of players, I have had 75 kids go to the next level since 2003 and like you give all my time and efforts free. I gave my bonuses for years to the Blues so kids that could not afford travel could be involved. I use to use BOLD print years ago and was told my many professions it is like shouting in a person's face, that is why I made the comment. I truly wish you and yours great success as the purpose is to get the girls to college and not our personal gains.
    2. carolinagators
      LBues 1, I have read your post and you are very supported of the girls and other teams. I didn't like how you handled my post. I was just trying to get my girl on the board. If you get to know me, you will see I can get along with everybody and can be a very likeable person but, I'm always going to take up for my girls. They all are like family to me. I work hard to get them at the next level just as you do. I'm sorry about the BOLD. I've always have use bold nothing intented by it. Great job you are doing,keep up the good work.
    3. Gman13'sdad
      what is the difference between the two teams?
    4. Cardinal Fan
      Cardinal Fan
      It has come to my attention that a representitive from your organization, Jeff Pautz, is using my daughter's name in emails as one of your alumni. Please discontinue the use of her name as this is not true.
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